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The management is very scientific electronic patch panels

    With advances in technology, production processes have to patch panel with a further development, compared with the ordinary patch panels, electronic patch panel to manage and more scientific:

    Electronic tags and related software patch is a whole, they complement each other to provide users with a more scientific management processes. Software for point of information, links, ports products, so have a complete definition of the process, the process is complete, each having his own number, name, physical location, its number will be displayed on electronic tags . While the personnel management also greatly different from traditional loose management mode, such as the need to apply materials, change the network structure, you must be registered on the software (dispatching process), then the relevant personnel have the right to make changes.

    If there are problems, to ensure well documented. After the change, due process requirements, managers need to update the original data, and greatly to avoid ever recurring "structure has been changed, but the document has not been updated" situation. Transfer of work is also a lot of convenience, only the database files to the former successor, the successor can easily get started, greatly reducing the probability of occurrence of the problem.

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